Artist Statement

My work ranges from intangible to tangible, from intensely personal to entirely relational. Whether I am working in audio, photography or assemblage, the most important thing is to see things as they are. That may manifest literally in a photograph or recording of another person'sstory, or it may be in a visual metaphor of my own interior life. 
I ask people about food, death, jokes, their families. I collect sound from the environment that might otherwise be unappreciated. I pay special attention to the everyday world — like the sound inside of a department store or a museum, the fullness of an empty room, or the solitary presence of a coffee cup — and mix these elements together to make the mundane achingly present. 
I am fascinated with the way things work, what makes people tick and how that shows up in external reality. I want to be touched by the world. I want to be compelled. I flourish in the challenge of collaboration, the most fertile of places for the generation of creative works.
Over and above making works of art, I am witnessing, consenting to, participating with, and allowing in experience. Resisting and accepting are actively weighed and examined in every piece. Either is an option at any moment.