The Count of Monte Cristo relationship chart

It's a book I never tire of, with its twisting plot and cascade of terrible vengeance. I love the glimpse into the culture and the history, as well as Dumas' sly comments on things of the times. But with the enormous number of characters, it can be heard to keep track of who knows who and how, so I made this relationship of chart for fun and practical purposes. (If you're reading the book for a high school class, then it may be a grade-saver.)

click image to download a pdf

click image to download a pdf

I prefer it on audiobook, but what about film versions? Well, the only one I ever liked was Gankutsuou. Now, let's imagine a full-scale live-action production a là Game of Thrones. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Sorting Sanctuary

Just a quick note to direct to you to the Second Culture Progressive Ambient Electronicmusic website to hear my vocal work on a track from this fantastic collaborative music project that I have been focusing my creative juices on for a year or so now: Thunder Conjuring Mind

When the CD is out, I will say more... more about bluebeard, doors, keys, the nothing, the magic, the apocalypse, the garden...

Radio Free Burning Man IDs

Every radio station has to identify itself (according to the FAA). But what about for a pirate radio station? Then the ID becomes a thing of creativity.

I had the pleasure of participating in the output of RFBM back in the gay old days at the turn of the century when I went to Burning Man (see above). After I stopped going, I contributed to the station by recording and editing a collection of ID spots for them to air. The set ranges from weird to goofy, from a few seconds to a half-minute, from very practical to very surreal. Enjoy.

Floating City Music

This summer, I had the singular experience of being a part of the 3-month game/journey/contest that was Thomas Dolby's A Map of the Floating City. I really have been deeply affected by participating in it. What an experience!

One result of this intersection of a world-wide community of music geeks was this musical collaboration based on the story line in the game. I contributed vocals and lyric tweaks. Here are a couple versions for you to enjoy.

This project was initiated (and mainly written by) Mark Durham and Leigh Stevens. Thanks so much, guys.