Graphics & Media

Sampling of type designs, hand-lettering, infographics, print design, web design, video

Original type designs

Fonts and more can be found at


Book and custom font design

Twice Just to Be Sure. Written by Joel Pomerantz. Illustrations by Lance Jackson. 

Integral Sustainovation™ Model

For print and screen. With author, Regina Rowland, Ph.D. 

NVW Integral Coaching® model

For print. With Regina Rowland, Ph.D. © 2009 James Flaherty & Regina Rowland

Art Catalog – JFKU Arts & Consciousness Graduating Class 2014

Hand lettering


'Do the Wiggle' Merchandise

Benefits San Francisco's Duboce Parkway Mural maintenance project

Selected Websites

Giordano Bruno University - Video production and Voiceover

Drawings by Regina Rowland, Ph.D.

Chi Kung videos - production and editing