Mixed Media

Fifty-Cent Admissions

A relational project comprising the responses of various people to the question: "What is something you don't like to admit about yourself?" Housed in a small wooden box, the recordings play at a low volume; listeners must get close to it — and to each other — to hear clearly. 2008


Cogito Ergo Sum

An installed assemblage work with filmstrip projection and audio track. 2008

If Anybody'd Been Home

In collaboration with Andrew Hutson. Light and sound combinations specific to each "room" of the house play at random intervals. 2013

Dolls With Secrets

Hand-sewn dolls with embedded digital talk box. Each doll, when squeezed, tells her innermost secrets, based on a provocative list of 50 painful secrets that ilostmyhead, a young female LiveJournal user, posted about herself. 2009

note: text for each doll in close-up photo caption.


God's Answering Machine

Announcements sent out on the web and cards left in public read: "This is the number to God's answering machine... Of course, it can't be real, but what if there was the tiniest chance that it might be? And what if you don't believe in God? What would you say? Call now and say it. All reactions and responses are sought."

Responses were collected on digital voice-mail and and compiled onto analog answering machine tape. The machine was then displayed as part of an installation so that visitors to a gallery could play the messages on the answering machine, and post written messages and thoughts to the bulletin board above. 2010-11