Sound & Music

Relational Audio Compositions

Comfort & Addiction

People speak candidly about food, comfort and compulsion. What is the most comforting food for you? For some, that's where it ends, but for others who struggle with their relationship to food, that comfort can be addictive. Starts fluffy with cheese and chocolate, progresses to candid accounts of food addiction and binging. 


Cake: How You Loved Us

Assembled from interviews with regular folk, this piece explores how our mothers (and others) expressed their care and love for us through the cakes they made. The darker side of cake is when it, and other foods, are a replacement for love. First played while serving a giant 10-layer cake. 


Death of a Parent: The Grief, Relief and Disbelief

The experience of losing a parent early in life makes a significant mark in the landscape of a person's life story.  Each of us deals with the loss and pain in a different way. The stories of several different people and their experiences are woven together.

Collaborative Audio Composition – Distant Hum

Real-time, improvised sound collage performance. With Greg Retro and Andrew Hutson.

Various Audio Compositions

Eight Museums

One tends to think of museums as hushed temples of art, but these recordings testify to the truth that they are often lively social spaces. In listening to the Louvre or the Met, we might understand how people experience a museum, and whether they feel comfortable there or not. About one minute of ambient noise from eight museums in four cities.


Secrets & Noise

Impressionistic and experimental, amplifies the noises that often get ignored while suggesting internal drama. Progressively gets louder as more noises and voices come in to muffle the speaker who only wants to tell you a little something leaving only a sense of disorienting noises and sublimated desires.


True False

An iterative collaboration with Kevin Marshall. It takes his words and launches them into outer space. Moody and trancey.